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Rogue Bull Cattle Yard Equipment -Take control
Fixed Yards These are a selection of the range available from Rogue Bull for full details contact one of our local agents.
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PANELS: Click on an image for a larger drawing
Race Bow Personnel Gate
1.8m Panel
2.1m Panel
2m Cattle Gate with Collars
2m Cattle Gate with collars
2.5m Gate with Collars
2.5m Cattle Gate with collars
2m Cattle Gate with hinges
Cattle Race Bow
Cattle Gate Over Panel
Cattle Yard Clamp 50x50
3m cattle gate with collars
3m Cattle Gate with collars
Cattle Yard Clamp
Cattle Gate Hinge 50x50
Cattle Yard Hinge
Cattle Gate hinge 80x50
Cattle Yard Hinge
Cattle Yard hinge 80x50
2m Cattle Gate with Hinges Cattle Gate Over Panel Race Bow Personnal Gate